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Our Goal

We truly believe that fashion is more than garments. In our point of view, fashion is about believing in your own muse, self-love, and embracing your inner magic.

Fashion is about you doing you!

For that reason, we love to share your picks and how you beautifully mix & match pieces together to reflect your beautiful authenticity. 

"Being rebellious in the world of today is having the courage to be yourself, also when it means to be different or to be unpopular if you stand for something that you really believe in."

"We don't do things for the sake of provoking, we do things because we believe in them."

-Francesca Bellettini [President & CEO of Saint Laurent]

 Fashion as a Global Culture and Economic System

You is aware of it's social responsibility in order to attain global sustainability.

The listed below are some of our commitments: 

  • No fabric waste

  • Multi-use items

  • Decent work and economic growth

  • Social contributions

  • Industry contributions

  • Minimalist designs

  • Ethically produced items

  • No mass productions

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